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GW10086 - Micro USB Adapter
GW10086 USB Type B Micro Male to Type A Male Cable, 6ft ..
GW10087 - Micro HDMI Adapter
GW10087 HDMI Micro Male to HDMI Male Cable, 6ft ..
GW10088 - Micro HDMI Adapter
GW10088 HDMI Micro Male to HDMI Female Adapter Cable ..
GW10089 - Micro USB Adapter
GW10089 USB Type B Micro Male to Type A Female Cable, 6in ..
GW10090 - JST 5-Pin to JST 5-Pin
GW10090 JST 5-PIN to JST 5-PIN Cable, 8in ..
GW10094 - Micro USB to Micro USB Adapter
GW10094 Cable, USB Micro B Male to Micro B Female, Extension Cable ..
GW16090 - POE 802.3at/af Active to Passive Ethernet Converter
GW16090 802.3at Emulation Adapter - Gigabit support This device allows a 802.3af or 802.3at ..
GW10005 - DB9 Serial Cable
6ft Male to Female DB9 Serial Cable ..
GW10018 - Ethernet Patch
6ft Ethernet Patch Cable ..
GW10019 - DB9 Gender Changer
DB9 Gender Changer ..
GW10020 - DB25 LPT Male to Female
6ft DB25 LPT Male to Female ..
GW10029 - U.FL to N-Female
8inch U.FL to N-Female Pigtail ..
GW10033 - Weatherproof Ethernet
WeatherProof Ethernet Cable Assembly ..
GW10034 - Weatherproof Ethernet Cap
WeatherProof Ethernet Assembly Cap ..
GW10035 - U.FL to RPSMA Female
Cable, U.FL to RPSMA Female Antenna Pigtail, 7.9 inch ..
GW10036 - U.FL to SMA Female
200mm U.FL to SMA Female Pigtail, Typically used for GPS ..
GW10037 - N-Male to SMA Female
300mm N-Male to SMA Female Pigtail ..
GW10038 - Wideband Lightning Arrestor
The GW10038 is a wideband (DC to 6GHz), low insertion loss, ultra-fast discharge lightning arrestor ..
GW10039 - Fan Assembly
Fan Assembly for GW3020 Outdoor Enclosure ..
GW10042 - MMCX to N-Female
8 inch MMCX to N-Female Pigtail, RG137 thin coax ..
GW10045 - Standard USB Extension
Cable, USB Type A M-F Extension, 6 ft. ..
GW10047 - U.FL to N-Female
12 inch U.FL to N-Female Antenna Pigtail ..
GW10048 - MMCX to N-Female
8inch MMCX to N-Female Antenna Pigtail, RG316 Low Loss Coax ..
GW10052 - MMCX to RPSMA Female
Cable, MMCX to RPSMA Female, 200mm, For indoor enclosure to MMCX radio ..
GW10053 - U.FL to SMA Female
Cable, U.FL to SMA Female, 15MM Long Barrel, for GPS antenna outdoor enclosure. For application..
GW10056 - JST 4-Pin to RJ45
JST 4-PIN to RJ45, Ethernet cable ..
GW10057 - Audio/Video Adapter
Audio/Video Adapter cable for the GW2361 ..
GW10059 - JST 10-Pin to JST 10-Pin
4inch long, JST 10-PIN to JST 10-PIN ..
GW10062 - JTAG Adapter Cable
JTAG Adapter Cable 10-PIN to 10-PIN, .050 PITCH, 3inches ..
GW10064 - JST 2-Pin to 2.5mm Barrel Jack Power Adapter Cable
2-PIN JST to 2.5mm Barrel Jack Power cable for use with GW2380, GW2382 and GW5100 boards with 2-p..
GW10065 - Molex 8-Pin to RJ45 Ethernet
Molex 8-Pin to RJ45 Ethernet Power cable for use with GW2367. Note powersupply is sold separtely...
GW10074 - MMCX to SMA Female
Cable, MMCX to SMA Female, 11MM Barrel, for GPS & cellular antenna (Typically used with GPS M..
GW10075 - TNC Connector
Plug, TNC Connector for unused cable locations ..
GW10076 - Power Supply Cable
2-PIN WAGO To 2.5MM Power Supply Cable ..
GW10079 - JST 2-Pin to JST 2-Pin
2-PIN JST to 2-PIN JST Cable ..
GW10080 - MMCX to Fakra Type C
MMCX to Fakra Type C Cable, 220mm ..
GW10093 - RPSMA to SMA Adapter
GW10093 Cable, RPSMA Male to SMA Female Adapter ..
GW10102 - 4-Pin to USB
Cable, 4-PIN to USB Type A, 6 inches Typically used on the Ventana GW16112 ..
GW10103 - GW16113 Cable
Cable 28AWG  Typically used on the Ventana GW16113 6 inches ..
GW10105 4-Pin Barrel Jack Power Adapter Cable
CBL, 4-PIN Hirose to 2.5mm Barrel Jack Power Supply Typically used on the Ventana Femto GW55..
GW10106 - 2-Pin JST
CBL, JST 2-PIN, JST Adapter Cable ..
GW10107 3-PIN JST Cable
CBL, JST 3-PIN, JST Adapter Cable ..
GW10108 JST 5-Pin Cable
CBL, JST 5-PIN, JST Adapter Cable ..
GW16047 - JTAG 14-Pin to JST10-Pin
14-pin JTAG to 10-pin JST Adapter board ..
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