Newport Family

The Newport Family of Single Board Computers is available for purchase either as an individual computer board or as a development kit.

The Newport development kit includes a Newport Single Board Computer and the items needed to develop applications with:

  • (1) Newport SBC Board
  • PoE Injector
  • Powersupply wall unit (AC/DC, 24V 1A. 2.5mm) for powering the network processor board
  • JTAG-USB Programmer Device for programming firmware/software.  The JTAG-USB Programmer simultaneously allows serial console access over the same JTAG interface.
  • Assorted cables for interfacing to various peripherals.
    • Ethernet Cable 5 ft.
    • USB Type A Male to Female Extension Cable 6 ft.
    • JST Adapter Cables
  • Online software includes Gateworks Board Support Package based on Linux and includes the JTAG-USB Programmer software.

Newport Dev Kit Part Numbers:

  • GW6100 Dev Kit Part #GW11040-1
  • GW6200 Dev Kit Part #GW11041-1
  • GW6204 Dev Kit Part #GW11041-2 
  • GW6300 Dev Kit Part #GW11042-1
  • GW6304 Dev Kit Part #GW11042-2 
  • GW6400 Dev Kit Part #GW11043-1
  • GW6404 Dev Kit Part #GW11043-2 

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