Mini-PCIe Expansion Adapter adds Digital & Analog I/O without sacrificing Mini-PCIe socket

The GW16113 is a Mini-PCIe expansion adapter adds digital and analog I/O to any standard Mini-PCIe socket that supports both PCI Express and USB interfaces. The expansion adapter includes a full speed USB 2.0 hub to communicate with the baseboard as well as extending the USB interface to the Mini-PCIe connector. The Mini-PCIe expansion socket supports 802.11abgn radios, 4G WiMAX radios, 3G CDMA/GSM cellular modems and other PCI Express peripherals. The expansion adapter also includes a programmable 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 processor for providing 24 I/O signals. Any of the I/O signals are programmable for digital I/O or analog I/O functionality. The digital I/O functions include GPIO general purpose input and output, PWM pulse width modulation output, I2C, SPI, UART, timers, counters, and programmable logic functions. The analog I/O supports ADC analog-to digital converters, DAC digital-to-analog converters, PGA programmable gain amplifiers, OPAMP operational amplifiers, and comparators. The GW16113 is stackable if more than 24 I/O signals are required. The GW10103 interface cable breaks out the I/O signals to individual connectors.

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GW16113 - Mini-PCIe I/O Expansion

  • $69.00

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